My Steven Wilson Collection

And I'd collect you too if I was given half a chance.


Richard Barbieri

Porcupine Tree – Voyage 34 (2LP, KSCOPE803)

Track Listing A Voyage 34 Phase I B Voyage 34 Phase II C Voyage 34 Phase III D Voyage 34 Phase IV Notes This was my first SW related vinyl record Pressed on white vinyl

Porcupine Tree – Stupid Dream (2LP, KSCOPE845)

A Even Less Piano Lessons Stupid Dream Pure Narcotic B Slave Called Shiver Don’t Hate Me C This is No Rehearsal Baby Dream in Cellophane Stranger by the Minute A Smart Kid D Tinto Brass Stop Swimming

No-Man – Flowermouth (Digi CD, SDPCD195)

Tracklisting Angel Gets Caught in the Beauty Trap You Grow More Beautiful Animal Ghost Soft Shoulders Shell of A Fighter Teardrop Fall Watching Over Me Simple Things ChangeBonus Tracks: Angeldust Born Simple No-Man happen to be: Tim Bowness – vocals… Continue Reading →

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