1. Angel Gets Caught in the Beauty Trap
  2. You Grow More Beautiful
  3. Animal Ghost
  4. Soft Shoulders
  5. Shell of A Fighter
  6. Teardrop Fall
  7. Watching Over Me
  8. Simple
  9. Things ChangeBonus Tracks:
  10. Angeldust
  11. Born Simple

No-Man happen to be:
Tim Bowness – vocals
Steven Wilson – instruments
Richard Barbieri, Ian Carr, Ben Coleman, Mel Collins, Robert Fripp, Lisa Gerard, Steve Jansen, Chris Maitland, Silas Maitland

The original “Flowermouth” album was produced and mixed by Steven Wilson at No Man’s Land Sep-Dec 1993.
Tracks 1, 2, 3, 7 and 9 remixed in 1999.