My Steven Wilson Collection

And I'd collect you too if I was given half a chance.



Porcupine Tree – Recordings (2LP, KSCOPE813)

Tracklisting Side A Buying New Soul Access Denied Side B Cure for Optimism Untitled Side C Disappear Ambulance Chasing In Formaldehyde Side D Even Less Oceans Have No Memory

Steven Wilson – Hand. Cannot. Erase. (2LP, KSCOPE875)

Track Listing A1. First Regret A2. 3 Years Older A3. Hand Cannot Erase B1. Perfect Life B2. Routine C1. Home Invasion C2. Regret #9 C3. Transience D1. Ancestral D2. Happy Returns D3. Ascendant Here On… Note: Actual track listing on… Continue Reading →

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